From patients, to patients…..

The 2020-21 financial year will no doubt be remembered as a significant one for many people!

Having closely monitored trends in the global cannabis industry, the Board has made a conscious decision to pivot the short-term strategic direction of Sativite in favour of a downstream strategy focussed on building market share and developing distribution channels, utilising premium products source from strategic overseas alliances who have been growing medicinal cannabis for years.

Based on feedback from GP’s, patient advocate groups and prescriber networks specialising in medicinal cannabis treatments, Sativite is expanding its catalogue of high-quality products at affordable prices to include a more extensive range of dried cannabis flower. Supplement this with our unique to Australia recyclable “Nitro-tinned” flowers, patients can now access our hand trimmed products in an inert environment which helps preserves the terpene and potency without “odour and leaching” problems associated with our competitors products.

From June 2021, we will also be also introducing a range of GMP equivalent (US-NSF) CBD and Delta – 8 THC oils and isolates. We are excited by these unique products, as the Delta -8 THC is new to the market and provides patients with a lower phycoactive load alternative to THC (Delta 9). We believe this will allow patients to be more functional with reduced negative side-affects.

Our strategic partner, JMCC Corporation Inc., has also advised that it is preparing to export a range of innovative Nano sprays for release onto the Australian and Asia-Pacific markets. These products are designed to revolutionise the administration and absorption of cannabinoids and offer us an opportunity to conduct clinical trials for potential listing of products on the ARTG.

Feedback from Patients, Doctors and Pharmacies to date has been overwhelmingly positive. As our products continue to build a niche in the Australian market, and we will leverage upon this to develop distribution channels and challenge the current market leaders.

Sativite’s key strategic pillars:

  • Premium product range at affordable prices: In a market where advertising is banned, word of mouth and integrity are pivotal for forming strategic partnerships with growers from New Zealand, Canada and Australia (adding to our inventory of products).
  • Continue to innovate: Sativite has become very visible in the market with our Nitro-tinned flower products and with our GMP equivalent medicinal oils coming online shortly, we hope to fill a gap that currently exists for patients.
  • Distribution Channels: Increase penetration of products into the market through forging relationships with MC clinics and doctor networks. Sativite is proud to announce a distribution agreement with CDA, and is continuing to liaise with other strategic partners to promote products to patients.

 Looking to our medium- term strategy, we are pleased to advise that we have been liaising with the Office of Drug Control regarding our application for a suite of MC licenses (Cultivation and Manufacture)). These 14J assessment queries have enabled us to update policies and site plans, in anticipation of our licenses and permits being issued. Once granted, we will transition from research activities into sustainable green-fields cultivation of CBD strains and hoop house/glass house production of THC.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed…. The NSW State Government has announced that we are pivotal to their plans for a $144M Special Activation Precinct in Moree ( This financial and technical support will help Sativite to fast track plans to develop green-fields operations and an advanced 1ha. modular glass house facility. The precinct also provides a unique collaboration with University partners, including Charles Sturt, University of New England (UNE) and University of NSW (UNNSW), this will help provide personnel and research opportunities to support our operations. Supplemental to this, Sativite has secured water rights and a potential contract to treat 750 M litres of artisan waste water for algae (recycled water will be utilised for irrigation in green-fields operations).

In order to facilitate our current seed capital raise (up to $4 million) and a potential IPO into the future, we have revised our corporate structure and established a non-listed public company “Sativite Group Limited”. Funds raised from our current capital raise will be utilised predominantly to secure inventory and green fields infrastructure.

Sativite continues to explore opportunities with overseas partners to grow market share and to bring new technologies to Australia’s shores. In our nascent local industry, this will improve product offerings and boost innovation opportunities in the cannabis space.

Moving forwards, the 2021-22 Financial year will see continued opportunities presented to Sativite as we explore opportunities to move into overseas markets with our product offerings. The time for Sativite to gain a worldwide footprint is now.


About Sativite Pty

Headquartered in Bellbowrie, Australia, Sativite is a licensed medical cannabis wholesaler. We seek out, import and distribute the best cannabis – selected varieties of high-quality, organically and sustainably grown dried flower and broad-spectrum extracts with a range of cannabinoid profiles, as well as the best cannabis-based medicines and delivery devices we can find from leading licensed suppliers worldwide. We also offer a growing line of Sativite-branded CBD-rich prescription products available through pharmacies and our own on-line ePharmacy. Learn more at


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