Frequently Asked Questions

Are my flowers hand trimmed?

At Sativite, we strive to provide the best quality products at affordable prices. We are proud to announce that our range of Medicinal Cannabis products are all hand trimmed as this helps ensure that the best quality products are delivered to you – our patients. Hand trimming is ideal as helps preserve the trichomes by gently and carefully removing excess leaf material from the flower.

How do flowers get put into a can?

Our suppliers utilise a state of art Appollo multi-head weighing machine and custom built canning lines built to GMP standards. The Medicinal Cannabis flowers are filled into recyclable aluminium cans through fully automated manufacturing equipment, fitted with high accuracy check-scales ensuring the right weight in the can, every time.

How are crops grown?

Sativite has formed strategic alliances with leading global growers. Our current product range has been sourced from Canada, where they are subject to strict protocols imposed by Health Canada. Our partners actually go further by carefully selecting our genetics, using state of the art techniques in all operations from propagation to packaging. This way they are able to exceed global standards for clean cannabis cultivation and processing.

Is Medicinal Cannabis manufactured under GMP conditions?

At Sativite, we care for our products, our patients and the environment. Herein, we have formed strategic alliances with partners who provide products under strict environmental (GACP) and controlled pharmaceutical manufacturing conditions (GMP or equivalent).

Are the tins weighed to ensure they are the correct weight during the canning process?

As part of the manufacturing process the medicinal cannabis buds are weighted and selectively dropped into the cans to ensure a minimum weight is obtained. As part of the product quality assurance process, all cans are weighed and any do not meet the minimum requirements are rejected.

Is my can the correct weight?

Flower is either manually weighed or processed via a fully automated machine utilizing state of the art multi-head check-scale fillers in order to ensure the correct weight is placed in each can. In fact, our cans are targeted to be overweight to ensure that we meet customer expectations. Our packaging lines have double weight checks that utilize very precise load cells, ensuring accurate measurements are maintained. Any can that does not meet the weight requirements are rejected.

Do we test our products?

At Sativite – we are proud of our products and we test these regularly in order to ensure they meet our rigorous quality control guidelines. To this end, we have an independent laboratory undertake regular conformance testing (to TGO93) and we supplement these with random internal sampling and testing for stability

Will Nitrogen affect the quality of medicinal cannabis buds?

During the canning process, a micro drop of liquid nitrogen is used which evaporates and pushes out almost all of the air – leaving an inert atmosphere in the can. This modified atmosphere packaging helps pause the natural degradation process and safely maintaining the correct moisture/water content required to prevent spoilage. A stable atmosphere also helps ensure that the product will weigh the same once it gets to the final consumer as it did when it left the processing facility.
Did you know that 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen….

Why use tin cans?

The main purpose of the Nitro Purged Steel Can is to keep the product safe and fresh through the supply chain and to extend the shelf life of the medication. Once the can is opened and the flower is exposed to oxygen/air, the natural degradation process will commence again. If the consumer is not using all the product within a few days, we recommend they take steps to ensure the proper storage of their medication.

How to maintain quality?

If the consumer is not using all the product within a few days, they should take steps to ensure the proper storage of their medication. We suggest a simple humidor (best mid-term storage) or placing a Boveda pack in the can. We don’t suggest the pack make any contact with the flower, so taping it to the removable lid is one way.