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Most pharmacies in Australia can dispense medicinal cannabis products.

Each Australian State and Territory has varying requirements for patients depending upon the classification of medical cannabis.

Schedule 8

Doctor must receive a SAS-A or SAS-B approval certificate from TGA prior to making a separate application to the relevant state Health Department. S8 products contain greater than 2% THC proportion of total cannabinoid.

Schedule 3 / 4

No State Health Department approvals required. S4 products contain less than 2% of the total cannabinoid content as THC, or with 98% or more as CBD.

*Effective 1 February 2021, TGA has approved the reclassification of CBD to Schedule 3 for ARTG registered products (<150mg per day, excluding Vapes & creams). This amendment now allows patients to purchase CBD products for therapeutic use upon consultation with a pharmacist, without the need for a prescription.

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Once TGA SAS and State Health Department approval is received, a doctor will provide the patient with;
a)     A copy of the patients TGA approval (containing a unique code)
b)     A prescription including;

  • Patient’s TGA approval code
  • Doctor’s contact number
  • Titration schedule for the specific product.

In order to dispense products, a Pharmacist must obtain the original prescription and copies of TGA and relevant State Health approvals for medical cannabis.

Unapproved medicines cannot be stocked without a TGA approval and a prescription, so medicinal cannabis products can only be ordered once these are obtained.

Doctors who are Authorised Prescribers, may fast track the process by sending these documents directly to a Pharmacist or Wholesaler.

Wholesalers can only release prescribed product(s) upon receipt of a copy of the TGA and relevant health department approval(s). Products can then be shipped a pharmacist who can dispense to the patient.

When dispensing medications, it is a requirement that any event (including adverse events) be reported to the TGA and the product’s supplier within 15 days.

Placing an Order


Quick and simple ordering with personalized support


Free express and tracked shipping direct to pharmacy


Order tracking and notification

Sativite has a streamlined process for ordering medicinal cannabis. When a patient presents you with a prescription for one of our products, all you need to do is head to our Sativite eScript portal to locate product information, pricing and tools for managing and tracking your orders.

Complete the order details and supply the necessary TGA and relevant state Health Department approval documentation, and one of our dedicated team will facilitate the rest.

Sativite will dispatch orders received before midday on the same day, Monday to Friday. If all documents required are provided, the whole process can be completed within 72 hours of placing the order.

Keeping track of your order – We will send you live tracking emails or texts, depending on your preference.

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